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Exciting Plans For Prague

The world’s foremost thinkers on geosynthetic stabilization and hydraulics will soon meet in Prague – and you should join them.

Leading experts in road and rail stabilization, coastal protection and geosynthetic filtration, drainage and erosion control have already booked their tickets for two back-to-back workshops in the Czech capital in November. They will be joined by a prestigious line-up of speakers who will share their expertise on the latest standards and innovations in these key areas of our industry.

IGS Technical Committee – Hydraulics (TC-H) Chair Pietro Rimoldi explained more about the workshops, and why geotechnical professionals and IGS members should attend.

Pietro, what is the event in Prague?

“The TC-H and IGS Technical Committee for Stabilization (TC-S) are running two workshops that are designed to inform debate about specific geosynthetic applications including base and subgrade stabilization and testing hydraulic functions. The workshops will generate ideas, shape IGS policy and stimulate lively debate, as well as provide a platform for networking and collaboration.”

Why host the workshops?

“Our members are hungry for knowledge about the industry and eager to share their ideas on how geosynthetics should be used, evaluated and manufactured. They also need to maintain their awareness of new quality standards that will determine how and where geosynthetics are used in the future. Anyone who misses the workshops faces missing a potentially vital piece of information, as well as being unable to influence the direction of development for these specific industry areas. Two previous technical committee workshops for barrier systems (TC-B) and reinforcement (TC-R) also proved hugely popular with our membership – hence this event.”

What will be presented at the TC-H workshop?

“My talk will cover the new ISO TR (technical reports) for design for drainage, while TC-H Co-Chair Eric Blond will talk about the ISO TR on design for filtration, which are set for publication soon. International experts will talk about the testing and design of geosynthetics for hydraulic functions and the filtration function of geosynthetics. The full agenda can be found here. There will be plenty of time for discussion: everyone is expected to share their thoughts. And of course we will encourage everyone to enjoy the wonderful city of Prague in the evenings.”

Why should people attend?

“IGS technical committees are working on documenting standards around the world and organizing technical content, such as grouped papers. Workshops like these are a vital component of that important work. In order for us to create relevant, insightful guidance, and to lobby on members’ behalf, we have to gather a cross-section of opinion from all areas of the geosynthetics industry – which is why we expect members from all disciplines (corporate and academic) and at all levels of seniority to attend. Above all, the event is a great opportunity to meet new people, learn and generate ideas that will prove important in the years ahead.”

The TC-H and TC-S workshops will take place from November 10th to November 13th. Prices, including the significant hotel discount negotiated by organizers, can be found on the booking form here.