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Istanbul Teknik is a family owned business incorporated in 1998 as an associate of Mr. and Mrs. Macit Taynol in Turkey. Our specialist areas include the design, supply and installation of all types of retaining structures, slope stabilization, reinforced soil solutions, erosion control, noise/environmental barriers, construction waterproofing, green roofs, landfill engineering, geogrids and geotextiles.

Istanbul Teknik covers all of Turkey, including neighbor countries and has been involved in projects in almost every region, although the majority of our projects are concentrated around Istanbul, Ankara and Mediterranean Cities.

Our clients are generally local authorities, civil engineering contractors, building contractors and private property owners. Project sizes would range from small garden walls all the way to large motorway retaining walls. We pay the same care and attention to all projects, regardless of size.

Our sales and technical staff are based in our office in Tekstilkent Towers, Istanbul, while our installation crews operate out of our offices and yards throughout Turkey. We have a staff of over twenty in our offices, including a team of design engineers and chartered engineers. Our installation crews are led by experienced supervisors, all with plenty of experience in installing our systems.

We take health and safety very seriously and our installation crews are fully trained in this respect. On this manner Istanbul Teknik has OHSAS 18000 (Occupational Health & Safety Advisory Services) certified as well.

Istanbul Teknik offers a supply only, or a complete design, supply and installation package for a comprehensive range of systems for soil engineering including design service for all installed retaining walls and slope stabilization. We are therefore in a position to offer our clients impartial advice on the various suitable options, from the best to the most economical solution. It is also possible to combine various systems into a single structure if required, providing additional flexibility to suit special circumstances. These hybrid solutions, sometimes incorporating up to three different systems, have been successfully executed.

We have our own dedicated design office in Headquarters and when required we also have access to all the knowledge and experience of State Directorates and Universities, which is among the most highly regarded specialist in this field in Turkey. Having a dedicated design office means we have designers who are familiar with local conditions and requirements. This also gives us the ability to react quickly ot changes in design or site requirements.

All our products are high quality and are designed to comply with all the relevant Design Codes and Standards, except where otherwise specified by our clients. Most of our products are also Turkish Standard Institute and notified body CE Certified. Istanbul Teknik drives its business and projects under ISO 9000 Quality Management System rules.

Our own installation crews are led by highly trained and experienced supervisors to ensure our installations are carried out to the highest possible standard. A properly built retaining wall is both safer and looks better. We take pride in the quality of our installation. When properly buuilt by us, most of our systems can also be used as architectural features.

Export Team Leader : Eng. Murat Erbas
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