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Since 2011


Siverune-104 S.L. Integrated quality management, Spain

Siverune-104, S.L. is a company specialized in the Integrated Control of Quality acting in water tight constructions, from the initiation until there finish, targeting the supervision of each task for its correct realization.

Due to our capacity to establish and execute a quality control of all the processes developed, we are in the position to issue a Certification of good Performance of Works.

Siverune-104, S.L. is an associated member of the International Geosynthetic Society (IGS), the Technologic Institute Textile (AITEX), and actually undergoes, for various test proceedings, the process of accreditation, directed by the National Company for Accreditations(ENAC). 

Design, Technical Assistance and Quality Controls in Projects, cooperating with technical Departments of Public Administrations, assisting Engineering offices and large Enterprises:

  • Conciliation of int. standards (EN ISO, ASTM, DIN…).
  • Assisting to job site managements with regard to the technical evaluation of tender bids, the acceptance/rejection of materials, others.
  • Technical geophysical recognitions of the sub soil, using the electrical tomography (MRI), to enable layout and elaboration of projects, in accordance with the soil structures.

Actions within our own laboratory: Analyzing geosynthetic products, there posterior interpretation.

Controls of quality and assistance to job site managements:

  • Application of standards, UNEEN ISO 10320, UNE-EN ISO 9862.
  • Verifications of hot welded seams, joining HDPE panels, as per standards UNE 104304 and UNE 104481-3-2.
  • Verifications of hot extruded welding´s on HDPE panels, as per standards UNE 104425, annex C.
  • With our topographic equipment, carrying out definitions and layouts on the ground, fixing geologic references and topographic data.
  • Sample guardianship service.

Systems for final surveys:

  • Application of fix or mobile leak detection systems, as well as high voltage electromagnetic leak surveys.
  • Undertaking of rectification actions.

Realizations of Environmental impact evaluations, design of schemes for monitoring and Environmental vigilances


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