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As a next step in its commitment to become a world player in the geosynthetics market, the Mattex group invested heavily in a state-of-the-art, vertically-integrated non-woven geotextile facility with its own High tenacity polypropylene fibre extrusion. The new ultra-modern production facility is located in Al Jubail, Eastern province of Saudi Arabia. Mattex Geosynthetics uses the finest quality polypropylene polymers, produced from the advanced local petrochemical industry all available in the GCC. The GeoMatt Non-woven geotextiles compliments the existing Woven TerraMatt geotextile range which is produced in one of the woven production facilities within the group.

The Mattex group started the production of polypropylene slit film woven fabrics in back in 1996 and has currently a turnover of 120 mio USD, has 800 team members and produces over 550 mio sqm / yearly. Mattex is considered as one of the most successful and fastest growing manufacturers of technical textiles in the world.

The Mattex group has its operations with state-of-the-art manufacturing plants in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia where woven and artificial grass yarn is being produced. In 2005 was Mattex Dubai LLC, United Arab Emirates erected where woven technical textiles and geotextiles are being manufactured. In 2012 did the group expand its activities to Fibre extrusion and non-woven production. Mattex has acquired 110,000 sq. m. of land in Al Jubail adjacent to the most advanced petrochemical companies in the world to build out the most efficient non-woven geotextiles plant. In 2014 did Mattex start a new spinning, extrusion and weaving plant in Georgia – United States of America.

The Total production area of the Mattex manufacturing sites has increased rapidly and covers more than 250.000 sq. m. The group has warehouses and representative offices in Australia/New Zealand, Europe, the Middle East, China, USA and Africa.
The ingredients to the success of Mattex are:
• Unmatched quality levels, thanks to the fully vertical integration of the newest equipment, know-how and team effort.
• Leaders in the industry in terms of innovation, customer service and achieved volumes ensuring a loyal customer base.
• Continuous growth, which has taken us to one of the leading positions in the industry.

With its vertically integrated plants, Mattex’s modern, state-of-the-art weaving equipment offers a tremendous advantage to geotextile customers. Mattex has direct access to its raw materials which are manufactured next to its production sites. Mattex has a proven reputation to deliver very high quality, with roll after roll uniformity.
Mattex Geosynthetics product range:

Woven geotextiles: TerraMatt
Mattex has started its production of Geosynthetics with slit film polypropylene woven geotextiles and is focusing on the higher end professional and industrial market. Bentonite (GCL) wovens carriers form also a part of the product portfolio. The TerraMatt woven range is currently being expanded with high performance filtration fabrics and other technical woven fabrics.

Non-woven geotextiles: GeoMatt
Mattex Geosynthetics offers a wide variety of non-woven high tenacity geotextiles. These products are used in applications such as filtration, separation and shoreline protection. GeoMatt non-wovens are available in weights from 80 upto 1200 gsm on widths up to 600 cm. Needlepunch, (GeoMatt NP) thermobounding ( GeoMatt TB) and calandering technology is available.

To ensure the best possible product development and sustainability, Mattex has recruited geosynthetics experts, with up to 25 years of geotextiles experience, to direct the development, manufacturing and marketing of our geotextiles. Mattex is today hiring more professionals for the extrusion, nonwoven manufacturing, sales and its product development team. Mattex’s vision is to rapidly grow the geotextiles business and to expand into the manufacture and distribution of other geosynthetics products.

Dubai, UAE

Al Jubail, KSA

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