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JetSJ - Geotecnia, LDAJetSJ - Geotecnia, LDA
Since 2010

JetSJ – Geotecnia Ldª is a company founded in 2004, focused on the design, supervision training and technical support of geotechnical engineering solutions. Our main goal is the satisfaction of our clients on a partnership attitude, helping them taking the best technical and economical solutions.

• Deep Excavations and Urban Retaining Walls
• Deep and Special Foundations
• Slope Stabilization
• Ground Improvement
• Strengthening and Underpinning of Foundations
• Strengthening of Retaining Walls
• Stabilization and Underpinning of Old Facades
• Tunnels
• Monitoring and Survey Plans
• Full Scale Load Tests
• Geotechnical and Geological Surveys
• Safety and Health Plans
• Demolition
• Supervision and Revision of Geotechnical Projects

We point out the qualification of our staff, as well as its experience and motivation, allowing the development of innovative geotechnical solutions, using the most updated tools and technologies. Those points have allowed the design of solutions with high standards of safety, quality, durability and economy.


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JetSJ - Geotecnia, LDA
R. Commandante Cousteau LT 4.07.01 E, Loja 19 19
Lisboa 7990-069


Phone:351 21 0505150 / 51
Fax:351 218962091