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Maccaferri De CentroamericaMaccaferri De Centroamerica
Since 2010


Maccaferri’s leadership in various sectors of civil engineering, became possible through the dedication of its employees and the commitment and respect provided to its customers for over 125 years of existence.

Below are some topics that summarize the quality policy currently adopted by the company:
To offer our customers effective solutions and not simply products.
Develop and strengthen partnerships between a chain of suppliers – Maccaferri – Customers, based on mutual trust.
Raise awareness of our human resources and compromise the importance of the work itself.
Consider a priority the preservation of the environment, either with our solutions or our production processes.
Maintain the Quality Management System under continuous monitoring, ensuring its effectiveness and improvement.
Making continuous improvement, the goal of our activities.


Dupla torção Double twist
Gabion Box
Reno Mattress
Gabion Sack
High Resistance Network
Terramesh ® System
Terramesh ® Green
RoadMesh ®

Geossintéticos Geosynthetics
MacTube ®
Geomancer MacMat ® Enhanced R1
Biomanta BioMac ® CC
Non woven geotextile MacTex ® N
Geotextile fabric MacTex ® W1
Geocomposite drainage MacDrain ® VC
Geomancer MacMat ®
Geocomposite drainage MacDrain ®
Geomembrane Maclin ®
Geogrids MacGrid ®

Fibras Fibers
Wirand ®
FibroMac ® 12

Outros Other
Sarmatia ®
MacWall ®

Arames Wires
Barbed Wire Bull’s Head
Wire Oval Head Boi
Drawn Wire
Galvanized wire
Glossy Wire

Alambrados Fences
Form Viva ®
Zinc Forte
Zinc Plast
Screen Pesc ® – Tanks Network

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Maccaferri De Centroamerica
Sta. Rosa De Sto. Domingo De Heredia
De La Iglesia 100, Oeste, 100 NTE

1 Km Oeste Calle Rinconada, Barrio San Martin Heredia

Costa Rica

Phone:506 244 6090
Fax:506 244 1695