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Since 2010

Bonar Geosynthetics Kft. has been a market leader for more than 20 years in the manufacturing and trading of non woven geotextiles.
Our company has around 130 employees and is located inside the TVK industrial area, where Tipptex non woven geotextile is manufactured. Our products are available through our sales team in Hungary, our distributor network throughout the country, directly from the factory, or worldwide though our export sales team, and distributor network. This distributor network gives immediate access to the technical expertise within Bonar Geosynthetics Kft. and we pay particular regard to meeting the specific technical needs of individual countries.

The expertise of our manufacturing and development department makes an ongoing contribution to the excellent quality of our products. Continuous innovation in the individual manufacturing processes guarantees immediate reaction to the changing market needs.

Every stage of manufacturing Tipptex geotextile reflects our commitment towards quality, resulting in reliability of product for our customers. The Quality Assurance department monitors the manufacturing process with continuous sampling of the product, conducting all of the necessary tests. Our quality laboratory is the best equipped geotextile testing laboratory in the country and is capable of performing all relevant mechanical, hydraulic and physical tests of the product. Our company has had accredited quality assurance and quality control systems since 1993, and we have been authorized to use CE marking since 2002.

Elements of the quality assurance system of Bonar Geosynthetics Kft.:

• Our products have CE certification (Conformité Européenne) since 2002, which authorizes us to use the CE marking, meeting the set of requirements defined by the European Union. The supervision of the complete quality assurance system required for the CE certification is performed by an independent quality control institution, tBU (cert. No.: 0799-CPD-14)
• Our quality control system is ISO 9001 certified, Certifying Institution: TÜV Cert, certificate number: 75 100 8986
• Continuous testing performed in our own laboratory
• Customer feedback, continuous monitoring of customer needs
• We have certification for many countries according to their unique requirement systems.

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