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Axter ColetancheAxter Coletanche
Since 2009


Axter designs, manufactures and distributes bituminous waterproofing geomembranes for flat roofs, civil engineering works and basins (over 400 products).

More than 40% of Axter’s waterproofing membrane production is for its export markets – 55 countries in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, North and South America, and the French overseas territories.

Axter’s manufacturing plant is based at the industrial site of Courchelettes, in northern France:

  • 4 production lines for bituminous geomembranes;
  • 1 production line for Coletanche, the optimal answer to environmental protection and hydraulic problems.

The Coletanche geomembrane family includes two ranges of products:

  • COLETANCHE NTP, based on blown bitumen, with four different thicknesses, NTP 1, NTP 2, NTP 3 and NTP 4.
  • COLETANCHE ES, based on elastomeric bitumen, with three different thicknesses ES 1, ES 2, ES 3 and ES 4

For both NTP and ES ranges, Coletanche is based upon the combination of a non-woven polyester geotextile for mechanical resistance, and a specifically designed bituminous binder that guarantees waterproofing, chemical resistance and ageing behavior.
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  • Mechanical resistance: tensile strength, static and dynamic puncture, puncture by aggregates, tearing;
  • Resistance to biological agents: microbial action, micro-organisms, bacteria, rodents, penetration by roots;
  • Resistance to chemicals: acids and bases, domestic refuse leachates;
  • Flexibility and adaptability: adapts to the contours of underlying layer(s) and to differential settlements due to the visco-elastic behavior of bitumen;
  • Ageing behavior: experience has shown that even unprotected COLETANCHE maintains its properties for a minimum of twenty years.



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