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Since 2008


Kaytech has been providing the local and international civil engineering industry with geotextiles and geosynthetic solutions since 1971 and manufactures:

  • Nonwoven continuous filament needle punched polyester bidim grade geotextiles
  • Warpknit high tenacity polyester composite geogrids
  • Needlepunched Geosynthetic Clay Liners (GCLs)
  • Specialist polyester and polypropylene staple fibre geotextiles

Our factory is ISO 9001:2008 accredited.

Kaytech, with its highly experienced and professional technical sales and marketing team, offers comprehensive technical and design support for a wide range of geosynthetic products.

Kaytech’s product range and expertise therefore effectively covers vast areas of application:

  • Drainage and Filtration –
    • bidim, Flo-drain, Megaflo and Wickdrain GCDs
    • Flownet and Zipcore geospacers
    • Flo-Pipe and Geopipes
    • Infiltrator Chamber Systems
  • Separation and Reinforcement –
    • RockGrid, TriAx, Miragrid and Neoweb
  • Road Maintenance and Rehabilitation –
    • Sealmac, GlasGrid and Sealgrid
  • Dam and Waste Containment Liners –
    • EnviroFix GCLs
    • Geotube
  • Erosion Protection –
    • Soil Saver, Multi-Cell, and GrassFence
  • Hydraulic Construction
    • EnviroRock Geocontainers
  • Liner Protection –
    • Ecotex and EnviroTex

Our Geosynthetic Laboratory has SANAS accreditation for a number of specialist geosynthetic tests. See

Kaytech has established strong links with a global network of reputable geosynthetic suppliers in Europe, Australia, USA, Canada, South America and South East Asia.

Kaytech is proud of its reputation of being market leaders and values its long-standing relationships with its customers.

Our motto:   Always a Better Solution!

Our library is the most comprehensive of its kind on geosynthetics in South Africa and the information is readily available to our customers.


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