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Since 2008


Alyaf Industrial Co. Ltd is a Saudi Arabian company incorporated in the year 1992 with manufacturing facility located at the Dammam, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

With an experience spanning over 15 years ALYAF specialized in the manufacture of two major ranges of technical nonwovens.

• Nonwoven Geotextile, complying with international standards, used in a wide range of civil engineering applications including soil stabilization for road and railway construction, asphalt pavement overlay, shore protection, subsurface drainage, membrane protection, landfill, landscaping, cellular confinement systems, etc.
• Nonwoven Polyester Mats used as reinforcement for bituminous water proofing membranes.

Our state of the art machinery and technical know-how, as well as the availability of the finest raw materials from the large petrochemical base in Saudi Arabia have enabled ALYAF to produce high quality geotextile fabrics. Alyaf geotextiles are manufactured, controlled and tested according to Quality System procedures that have been assessed and certified in accordance to ISO 9001:2000/ EN ISO 9001:2000/ANSI/Q9001:2000.

Alyaf geotextiles are continually tested both in our in-house lab as well as at internationally accredited laboratories to both ASTM and EN standards.
Being the largest manufacturer of geotextiles in the Middle East, ALYAF has pioneered this industry in the region and has successfully marketed its Geotextile and Reinforcement range throughout the Middle East. The company has supplied over 150 million square meters of geotextiles alone covering all the major applications of geotextiles.

With hands-on expertise gained in this specialized application and complimented by a team of technical professionals, ALYAF offers technical services from conceptual design to construction on geotextile based solutions backed by engineering calculations to suit site-specific conditions.

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