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Since 2007

The company TEXINOV is specialised in textile engineering and production of technical textiles. It is situated in St Didier de la Tour, between Lyon and Chambéry (in France in the center of Europe).

Thanks to its long experience since 1985, TEXINOV has been developing reinforcement geotextiles for road constructions and civil engineering applications. These reinforcement geotextiles mainly exist under the form of textile grids in extra-wide (5,30m) with different performance levels.

The basic technology permits to obtain a high level of technical characteristics, particularly for material strength and their behaviour in soil. These geosynthetics consists in woven-knitted fabrics produced in the warp knitting technology with warp and weft insertion.

This production technology allows 100% of the yarns mechanical characteristics to be exploited. This technology, combined with a rigorous choice of yarns, gives the geotextiles mechanical properties such as very high dimensional stability, high modulus of elasticity, excellent friction coefficient.

These products are commercialised under the brand names NOTEX® and GEOTER®.

They have been tested in official laboratories before being certified according to international standards.

The company is also certified ISO 9001/2000.

Depending on the specifications of outworks and the requirements, TEXINOV offers different ranges of products:

NOTEX® range:

  • high modulus polyester fibres
  • GX NOTEX 50 KN to 200 KN certified according to french certifiction ASQUAL.


GEOTER® range:

  • low creep grids and composite geosynthetic with high tenacity yarns: polypropylene, aramide, PVA, glassfibres.



  • glass grids
  • geonets
  • environmental protection
  • geotextiles for erosion control.


TEXINOV can also make on demand different strength levels geotextiles, which can
reach 600 KN or more.

Main applications:

  • Embankments on soft soils
  • Risk migration under tracks
  • Fills or slopes stabilization
  • Bridge abutments
  • Retaining walls
  • Sound reducing walls
  • Rock fall protection
  • Embankment enlargement


TEXINOV is one of the main European actors in the reinforcement sector and relies
on a network of partners specialised in France, in many European countries and all over the

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