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I-CORP INTERNATIONAL, Inc. is an independent geosynthetic materials performance consulting company founded and operated by Dr. Ian D. Peggs, a materials scientist/engineer. Dr. Peggs is one of the few materials scientists involved with geosynthetics.

In 1991 he formed I-CORP to provide materials performance consulting service to all design engineering companies, facility owners, manufacturers, regulators, attorneys and insurance companies. In 1994 he was presented with an IGS Special Recognition Award for his work on the influence of microstructure on the durability of HDPE geomembranes.

Now, with clients in over 30 countries, including Australia, Israel, Korea, China, India and South Africa, his special interests are geomembrane seam/weld microstructure, nondestructive testing, failure/forensic analysis, material durability, and expert witness work.

Since 1987 Dr. Peggs has been involved with the development and performance of geoelectric liner integrity and leak location surveys. Together with TRI/Environmental, I-CORP has formed the TRI/I-CORP Liner Integrity Center (T-CLIC) to instruct and certify others to perform leak location surveys.

This mirrors I-CORP’s general philosophy of identifying new technologies applicable to geosynthetics, providing them as a service, then teaching others how to do them and moving on to the next new technology. In this regard I-CORP has introduced to geosynthetics several new geomembrane leak and seam flaw location technologies that complement the conventional applied electric potential technique. I-CORP is performing research funded by the US Environmental Protection Agency on a nondestructive method of measuring geomembrane seam bond strength. In addition, I-CORP has investigated the potential for using geosynthetics to construct Engineered Materials Arresting Systems at the ends of airport runways to safely stop over-running aircraft.

Recognizing that most liner failures could easily be avoided, mostly by educating engineers, I-CORP proposed the concept of an on-line geosynthetics technical resource to the industry in 1994. This ultimately led to the development of which, under the guidance of Elizabeth Peggs, now has regular visitors (over 400,000 in 2007) from over 100 countries. I-CORP is a regular contributor of technical notes and general content to

geosynthetica’s success has since spawned a sister site,, which is an interactive website of tables containing geosynthetic materials test values provided to assist engineers, designers, specifiers, regulators and others with the design and specification of geosynthetic materials of all types.

Through its leak location surveys, failure analyses, and expert witness work, it will continue to be I-CORP‘s objective to recognize the materials performance concerns facing our industry, to help generate an understanding of them, and to help implement resolutions to preclude their further occurrence. Such efforts have been applied to stress cracking of HDPE, separation-in-plane seam peel breaks, stress cracking in PP geomembranes and floating covers, and “whaling” in wastewater treatment plant lagoon liners.

I-CORP/Dr. Peggs will travel anywhere, anytime, to help ensure geosynthetic materials performance or to help resolve geosynthetic materials performance concerns.


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