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Since 2003

Samyang was founded in 1924 and currently comprises of eight business units; industrial fibers, engineering plastics, specialty chemicals, environmental engineering, pharmaceuticals, food, feed and trade. Samyang specializes in four core areas of industrial fibers; Geosynthetics, High-tenacity yarn, Monofilament, and Nonwovens. Samyang continues to expand into new applications with its post-processing capabilities and strong presence in the civil engineering and construction industry.

Company History
• Oct. 1924: Inception
• Dec. 1969: First production of polyester fiber
• 1997: Launched TRIGRID®
• 2002: Developed TRIGITEX®
• 2003: Developed TRIGRID® AO
• 2004: Developed TRIGRID® EX
Research in Geosynthetics

Advanced polymer manufacturing technology and commercialization know-how continue to drive the development of high-performance industrial fibers that serve a wide range of structural integrity properties. Geogrid is a highly effective material for geotechnical application such as reinforcing retaining walls, slopes, and other surfaces susceptible to cracking and inhibit multiple failure modes, and have been widely adopted as the reliable material of choice in the civil engineering and construction field. Samyang continues to develop geogrid for wider applications at the request of civil engineering and construction industry, and continues to develop geocomposite to serve even more extreme requirements of the industry.

Geosynthetic Products

TRIGRID® is the trademark of geogrid which are manufactured and distributed by Samyang. Our geogrid products manufactured from high strength and low elongation industrial polyester yarns with polymer resin coating and woven/knit deliver excellent creep resistance and high durability in civil engineering applications.

TRIGITEX® is a composite combining both the reinforcing properties of woven geotextile and the hydrodynamic properties of non-woven geotextile. Its applications are reinforcement of retaining walls, steep slopes, reinforced foundation layers, erosion control, coastal protection, lined landfills, canals and reservoirs.

TRIGRID® AO is a high strength reinforcement mesh designed to control fatigue cracking in asphalt concrete overlays. This product can be used in asphalt overlays, road widening, asphalt resurfacing over Portland cement concrete parking lots, airfields

TRIGRID® EX is a new type geogrid made of fiber-reinforced polymer strips with
woven structure and welded junctions. This product is the high performance geogrid
which has very low creep strain, excellent resistance to installation damage and good
pullout behavior.

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