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Since 2003


494 UNR OJSC is a manufacturer of volumetric plastic geogrids “PRUDON-494”. We offer several types of geogrids corresponding to TU-2246-002-07859300-97, which can be applied in various engineering constructions.

494 UNR OJSC products:

– “PRUDON-494” type OP1 ( h-50 mm, the grid 200×200 mm ) for the soil reinforcement while building storage and industrial premises.
– “PRUDON-494” type OP2 (h-75 mm, the grid 200×200 mm )
type OP3 (h-100 mm, the grid 400×400 mm ) for the reinforcement of slopes, embankment slopes, viaduct slopes.
– “PRUDON-494” type AP1 ( h-100 mm, the grid 200×200 mm )
– “PRUDON-494” type AP2 ( h-150 mm, the grid 200×200 mm )
type AP3 (h-200 mm, the grid 200×200 mm ) for the reinforcement of a road base and sandwich reinforcement of steep slopes, for retaining walls.

– “LURON-494”
Geomembrane “LURON-494” is a polymeric product, which is produced and delivered by OJSC “494 UNR” in different length rolls: from 0.5 m to 4 m wide and from 1.0mm to 3.0mm thick according to TU 2246-004-07859300-2009.

“LURON-494” is made of low-pressure and high-pressure polyethylene with adding special stabilizers, anti-oxidizes and a dye.

Main application domain of geomembrane “LURON-494”:

• protection of the building and construction substructure from underflooding;
• hydroisolation of the roof;
• drainage interlayer (road surface, basement floor);
• hydroisolation and slope protection;
• protection of retaining walls;
• hydroisolation of external walls;
• hydroisolation of petrol stations;
• hydroisolation and erosion protection;
• tunnel finishing;
• construction of ponds;
• protection of concrete tanks and storages;
• filtering protection of oil-drilling rig tanks;
• protection of sewage ponds of industrial and agricultural enterprises;
• protection of tanks for domestic and factory wastes.



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