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Since 2002

Shenzhen Sheng Yi Environmental Co., Ltd. is a professional company of environmental protection, specialized in the anti-percolation construction of MSW landfill and industrial solid waste landfill. Our head office, Shandong Sheng Li Corporation, takes the first place in PE pipes production of China with its large scale, and an annual production capacity of 30,000 MT. Guangzhou Sheng Yi Lining System Construction Co., Ltd., as our subsidiary, is a professional engineering company of anti-percolation linier construction that has got the Professional Anti-percolation Construction Qualification for landfill.

We have got the ISO14001 certificate and are a member of IGS (International Geosynthetics Society) and IAGI (International Association of Geosynthetics Installer). We are the vice deputy of the CAEPI (China Association of Environmental Protection Industry), with the title of “Leading Enterprise”; also, the standing executive of China City Environmental and Sanitary Society, with the title of “ Leading Enterprise of China Environmental. ” Sheng Yi establishes a close business relationship with well-known Asian and European manufacturers. We have the import and export permit, with which we can provide all kinds of high quality anti-percolation HDPE materials; we also have a qualified professional workmanship that has been trained by foreign equipment or material manufacturers. All of the workers have got the qualification certificate; we introduce world-class equipments from Switzerland, Germany and Japan, which can suffice more than ten landfills simultaneously; except the rich experience of installing HDPE geomembranes, HDPE genet, geosynthetics and GCL, we also master the technology of PE pipes installation.

As a professional lining construction company, we take the first place in this field. The project quantity and the lining areas operated by us cover more than 40% of China market. These projects richen the experience and improve the workmanship.
We have established a complete construction management system. The Criterion of Anti-percolation System Construction and Acceptance issued by us, being filed by Guangdong Quality and Technology Inspection Bureau, became the criterion in Guangdong province in March 2003, which is the first enterprise criterion of the field; In June 2003, the Municipal Landfill Anti-percolation Construction Technology made by us was chosen the Extendable Technological Project of the Construction Ministry; the Guangzhou Xingfeng Landfill constructed by us is chosen the Model Project of Technology of the Construction Ministry; in May 2003, we were invited to constitute the Municipal Landfill Manual Technology Criterion which will be the national criterion.

Our company is mainly engaged in: anti-percolation construction of municipal waste landfill and industrial solid waste landfill, installation of HDPE materials and pipes, comprehensive garbage disposal technology service; research and development of environmental technology, import and export business.

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