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Since 2002


We at Terre Armée pride ourselves as the pioneers of mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) walls: In 1963, Henri Vidal, a French engineer, developed a new composite material using earth as a raw material: Reinforced Earth®.

Combining select granular backfill with steel or geosynthetic reinforcements and a modular facing system, the technology quickly took hold as an ideal reinforced backfill solution. The worldwide adaptation of Reinforced Earth® makes it one of the most significant civil engineering developments of the past 50 years. It spawned the development of the Terre Armée Group with offices across the five continents in just a few decades.
Placing engineering and innovation at the heart of our activity, we stand for an unequalled combination of expertise and accumulated experience in the fields of soil-structure interaction and engineered backfills.

Beside our renowned High Adherence (HA) steel strips, which have been used in tens of thousands of projects around the world with the same specifications for more than 40 years, we have, over the last two decades, considerably expanded our portfolio, including geosynthetic reinforcements:

·       GeoStrap® reinforcements are made of high tenacity polyester tendons contained in a polyethylene sheath. They are particularly well suited for sites that present chloride or sulphates or an acidic environment

·       EcoStrapTM reinforcement, made of polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) tendons in a polyethylene sheath, are ideal for high pH environments and offer additional benefits in terms of stiffness and resistance to higher temperatures.

·       HA GeoStrap® and HA EcoStrapTM, offer the same advantages as the GeoStrap®, but with the additional benefit of enhanced frictional properties, making them particularly suitable for finer-grained backfill materials.

·       In addition to Reinforced Earth®, and its TerraLinkTM configuration, we have developed a wide range of products, including:

·       TechSpan® , a precast concrete arch system

·       TechWallTM, a precast counterfort retaining wall

·       T-WallTM, a modular gravity retaining wall

Our business model of design, supply of material, and technical assistance involves our teams throughout all phases of the project, customizing our services to your needs.

We define our technical solutions  by three functions corresponding to the application of the structure to be designed and the type of solution it provides to the end user: RETAIN, CROSS, and PROTECT. Our expansive portfolio of techniques applies to a wide range of structures for an extended array of market segments: roads and motorways, environment, railways, hydraulic works, mining, industry, energy, commercial, housing or military.

Terre Armée business units around the world provide an additional portfolio of products and services and can advise you on the best solution for your project needs.


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