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Since 1996


Presto Geosystems leads the geosynthetics industry with the manufacture of its high-quality geocells for solving challenging soil stability problems and stormwater needs. Since developing the 3D cellular confinement technology over 35 years ago, Presto’s GEOWEB® geocell system delivers project cost-savings and long-term stability for a wide variety of site applications:

·         building unpaved roads with on-site or poor quality fill

·         creating a stiffened base layer under hard payments, and reducing cross-section up to 50%

·         designing steeper slopes, and controlling erosion on slopes and shorelines

·         protecting geomembranes on ponds, dikes/dams and landfills

·         building vegetated and hard-armored stormwater channels for drainage and flood control

·         constructing naturally-vegetated MSE retaining walls 

Turnkey Geocell System

The desire to reduce costs and increase performance and sustainability drive Presto’s product innovations and advancements.  With stronger and faster design and construction components, the GEOWEB® ‘system’ offers the world’s most complete design solution.  The turnkey GEOWEB system may integrate ATRA® connection keys, Tendons and ATRA® Tendon Clips, and ATRA® Anchors—accounting for the overall system design strength in the project evaluation.  Tools available for contractors help speed installation and keep projects on time and in budget. 

Wide Range of Applications/Markets

In addition to applicability to general site construction, some of the heaviest industries such as rail, intermodal, ports, mining, and oil & gas rely on the GEOWEB 3D soil stabilization technology for ballast reinforcement, yard stabilization, site access roads and pads, haul roads, slope reclamation and stormwater control.  The GEOWEB system is an extremely versatile and economical solution, especially where high quality fill is not available and in problematic soft soil areas.

Performance Backed by Quality & Research

Presto’s quality management system is certified to ISO 9001:2015 and CE standards. Presto Geosystems sets the highest standards in geocells through accredited testing and research to ensure project success on each project.

The GEOWEB® System Cell Sizes
Cell Sizes:  Small (GW20V), Mid (GW30V), and Large (GW40V)

Cell Depths: 3 in (75mm), 4 in (100 mm), 6 in (150 mm) and 8 in (200 mm); other sizes may be customized

Green & Low Impact Development Initiatives
Presto’s GEOWEB® contributes to green initiates including Low Impact Development (LID), Green Infrastructure (GI) and USBGC’s LEED® programs with benefits to reduce stormwater runoff and site disturbance, reduce the heat island effect, and reduce land use.

Focused on Customers and Solutions
Presto’s knowledgeable engineering and construction problem-solving teams tailor solutions to each customer’s needs.  Free engineering project evaluations are the cornerstone of our design support. Other services and resources include field site evaluation, contractor training and installation support, and the SPECMaker® Specification Development Tool—a fast and easy way to create customized 3-part GEOWEB® specifications.


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