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Since 1999


ATARFIL is a company established in 1996, specialized exclusively in the manufacturing of flat-die calendered geomembranes for waterproofing applications. The range application is Environmental, Hydraulic and Civil works in general: Landfills, Water lagoons, Treatment against corrosion, Coverings, Building, Ornamental Ponds, Mining-leach Pads, Tunnels, Road Platforms, Tanks, etc.

ATARFIL is strongly committed to provide high quality geomembranes at a very competitive cost by increasing the efficiency in the manufacturing process, exploiting all the possibilities of Innovation and choosing exclusively resines from certified and known-origin raw materials.

In a very short time ATARFIL has become a European leader with a manufacturing capacity higher than 30.000 Tn, sales offices in Germany, Italy, China, Russia and customers in more than 30 countries all over the world.ATARFIL’s Plant is located in Atarfe, Granada, Spain, close to the International Ports of Algeciras, Málaga and Valencia. At present, ATARFIL has six modern production lines, three of them based on flat-die calander system obtaining rolls in 6.3m, 6.0m and 2.0m wide, having the possibility of coextrusion in 6.3 and 2.0 m. The fourth production line, based on the well-known extru-wave technology (EWT), is able to obtain rolls in 11.2m wide (the maximum width all over the world).In addition to the advantages of calandered products related to regularity in thickness and higher properties, EWT offers a maximum isotropy on the resulting products; isotropy that has been enlarged by the ATARFIL’s R+D team, obtaining a maximum control on thickness.The range of ATARFIL’s products includes:

  • HDPE, LLDPE and VLDPE Smooth Geomembranes.
  • One side and both sides textured Geomembranes (TX and TXT)
  • One side and both sides structured Geomembranes (TM and TMT)
  • Coloured Liners for ornamental purposes.
  • Coextruded Liners
  • Polypropylene (PP) and Very low density (VLDPE) Geomembranes with or without reinforcement (PPR and PP), even for drinkable water.
  • Very Flexible Geomembranes (VFPE) for Tunnels, translucent or signal layer, and with Fire Retardancy non halogenic grades (any standard).
  • ATARTEC Geomembranes for Roofing application.
  • ATARFIL-LOCK Geomembranes for Protection against Corrosion.
  • Reinforced thin geomembranes for Temporary Landfills Capping.
  • Other related products: embedment profiles, pipe penetrations, welding rod, disks and trumpets for tunnels, unrolling systems, ….


The services offered by ATARFIL:

  • Technical Assistance in the Design and development of waterproofing solutions with Geosynthetics.
  • Direct Installation and supervision services.
  • Certified Laboratory for plastics.
  • Geomembrane ageing supervision program.
  • Quality Control Program on job site.
  • Supply, repairing and maintenance of welding machines.
  • Pre-welding of Panels in Plant.
  • Special width rolls



ATARFIL is a company certified ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 and its products are manufactured under CE marking requirements.ATARFIL product has been certified in several countries. Some of these international certifications are: DIBT (Germany), ASQUAL (France), ITB (Poland), KIWA (Holland), VITUKI (Hungry), O-norm (Austria), Bulgary,…. Test reports from the most important international institutes are also available: BECETEL (Belgium), ENEL.HYDRO (Italy), CEDEX (Spain), Romania,…



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