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Since 1998


Beaulieu Technical Textiles SA
Boulevard Industriel 3
7780 Comines-Warneton
Contact : Sales Geotextiles
T. +32 (0)56 56 06 70 –

Beaulieu Technical Textiles (Weihai) Co. Ltd.
Lingang Science and Technology Industrial Park
Qiaotou Town, Weihai 264212
Shandong Province, China
T. +86 631 – 3858788 –

Beaulieu Technical Textiles produces woven geotextiles and custom-made geocomposites in close technical collaboration with customers. Depending on the requested functionality and application, we select which product and production technology offer the best possible solution for your ultimate needs. In addition to ready-to-use woven geotextiles, we develop and deliver optimally engineered geotextiles to meet stringent geotechnical specifications.BEAULIEU_pics2014

Optimal engineering of woven geotextiles
The woven fabric can be used from the shelve or can be customized. Variation in fabric construction – property, density and weave pattern – gives the opportunity to engineer the ideal geosynthetic material for any given application.

In house expertise in extrusion – weaving – coating – lamination – tufting – needle punching
Our company proposes production technologies such as extrusion, weaving, coating, lamination, tufting and needle punching for geotextiles. These production processes offer customers the right technology in order to produce customized geotextiles and geocomposites.

Standard range:

• Terralys®: Woven polypropylene geotextiles
• Terrasilt ® : Woven polypropylene silt fence fabric
• Terrabarrier : Coated woven polypropylene geotextile
• Geocomposites : The composition of a woven together with a non-woven geotextile can also be produced. Coating, laminating, needle punching and tufting are all available production technics for customized geocomposites.

Terralys® fabrics used in civil engineering & construction applications are all CE accredited. A CE labelled product complies with the conformity procedures stipulated in the applicable European Directives. Declaration of Performance (DoP) is the key concept in the Construction Products Regulation (CPR). Each CE marked product has its proper DoP certificate and product label, indicating all of the product’s essential features . Please consult other certifications on our website.


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Boulevard Industrial 3
7780 Comines-Warneton


Phone:+32 (0)56 56 06 70