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Since 1996

Colas has been a leading manufacturer and installer of bituminous reinforced geomembrane for more than 25 years. Applications include:

Hydraulics: storage and transport of potable water (dams, canals, reservoirs).

Environment: bitumen durability is proven by its Mesopotamian antique applications. Therefore bituminous geomembranes are preferred for containment of long term dangerous industrial wastes and of low and medium level radioactive wastes. The compatibility of bituminous geomembranes with asphalt concrete allows integrated and economic solutions for compost areas, municipal waste incineration bottom ash, easy to maintain mud storage basins, water table protection along roads and highways.

Last innovation: Colas controls ultrasonically 100% of the welded surface by use of an automatic proprietory device.


Ivory Coast: S.R.C.C.I.
La Reunion: G.T.O.I.
Madagascar: Colas
Mauritius Island: AJMC
Morrocco: Les Grands Travaux


Austria: Colas GmbH
Belgium: Screg Belgium
Czech Republic: Silnice Prague
Denmark: Colas Denmark A/S
France: Colas S.A.
Germany: Colas Bauchemie GmbH
Hungary: Alterra Kft
Ireland: Colas Teoranta
Romania: Sorocam
Switzerland: Colas S.A.
UK: Colas Ltd

Far East

India: Hindustan Colas Ltd
Indonesia: Wasco
Thailand: Raycol Asphalt Co.

North America

Antilles: Colas Martinique
Canada: Sintra Inc.
Canada: Terus
USA: Barrett Paving Materials Inc.
USA: Delta
USA: IA Construction Corporation
USA: Simon Contractor

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