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Tensar International is a worldwide leader with over 25 years’ experience in the provision and manufacture of best-value civil engineering solutions for soil reinforcement and ground stabilisation, with installations in roads, railways, runways and embankments across the globe. Formerly the Netlon Group, Tensar International was founded in Blackburn, UK, in 1952, and is now wholly-owned by the Tensar Corporation of Atlanta, USA. With an extensive team of qualified Civil Engineers, the company offers a range of support services including a comprehensive design service, technical seminars and on-site support. Tensar’s regional offices are supported by a global network of distributors.

Ground stabilisation
Tensar TriAx™ geogrids provide a high performance, high sustainability solution by mechanically stabilising and significantly reducing the thickness of the unbound layers of roads, car parks, airfields, container ports, airfields and hard standings for truck parks over weak or variable subgrades. They provide highly sustainable solutions and can reduce the carbon emissions on projects by up to almost 50% compared with traditional methods.

Steep slopes – earth retaining structures
Tensartech NaturalGreen and GreenSlope – steep soil slopes, reinforced with Tensar uniaxial geogrids, offer fast, economical and versatile systems for constructing embankments or repairing slope failures when a steep face angle is required, with a natural green finish.

Retaining walls and bridge abutments
Tensartech Wall Systems comprise a soil mass reinforced with Tensar uniaxial geogrids and finished with facing units selected to meet the aesthetic and economic needs of the project. Construction is rapid and can offer significant savings over conventional techniques; Tensartech Wall Systems are fully approved and certificated by independent industry bodies.

Construction over weak ground
Tensar  geosynthetic solutions avoid expensive, time consuming excavation and replacement of soft soils under embankments; they can span voids or aid controlled settlement. When used for Load Transfer Platform solutions, geogrids provide an effective means of transferring construction loads on to piles; construction is rapid and economical, and access to site is also enhanced.

Rail trackbed
Tensar geogrids provide an extremely cost-effective solution for the reinforcement of ballast over variable or low stiffness formations by reducing settlement and maintenance. In new track over very soft ground, they can allow the depth of sub-ballast layers to be significantly reduced while achieving the required load bearing capacity. These applications of Tensar geogrids are supported by independent research with German and British railway authorities.

Asphalt pavements
Tensar asphalt reinforcement technology has been established for over twenty years. Tensar products are proven to increase pavement life by delaying the onset of failure caused by low subgrade strength, high axle loadings or reflective cracking.

Erosion protection
Various types of Erosion Mats from Tensar can provide an extra permanent erosion protection layer where needed to enhance the resistance of the vegetation. They actively assist vegetation to establish and protect the root system against currents and waves from flooding and tidal action.
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