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GEOfabrics LTD.GEOfabrics LTD.
Since 1995


ISO9001 manufacturer of geosynthetics.
GEOfabrics’ needlepunched geotextiles were conceived in the early 90’s to provide landfill, coastal and permanent way engineers with optimum performance at minimum weight.  For example, with landfill applications, the Company’s primary objective is to provide a protection layer possessing the most appropriate static puncture resistance (2kN – 40kN) for the drainage type and depth of waste.
The Protexia geocomposites, up to 6m wide, are produced using a state-of-the-art line.  All types of geotextiles, geomembranes, geogrids and geonets are laminated, in different combinations, to provide contractors with products that can be rapidly installed.  In many instances, the composites offer in-service benefits additional to those normally associated with the individual components.
The most popular Protexia products comprise cuspated drainage cores with a filter geotextile bonded to one side.  These are used extensively for gas and pore water drainage around structures.

The Company’s places a great deal of emphasis on providing comprehensive assistance from conceptual stage through to completion of a project.



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