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Tele Textiles Latvia Tele Textiles Latvia
Since 1995

Tele Textiles was for many years the largest independent manufacturer of fabrics for technical applications in Scandinavia, and has more than 60 years’ experience in utilization of raw material where strength characteristic are prominent. The raw material is based on synthetically produced fibres such as polyester, polyamide and aramide. These fibres make extremely high-quality demands on both the supplier and the raw materials. The factory’s products are used as semi-fabricated goods for industrial purposes or as own-branded goods for geotextiles to the building- and construction industries. Tele Textiles sells its geotextile products under the brand names ’TeleVev’, ’FlexiTex’ and ’TeleEnviro’.

Tele Textiles manufactures today:
• Geotextiles for soil reinforcement and erosion control
• FlexiTex Textiles shuttering for use at the water-side and for underwater concrete work

Tele Textiles is a customer-oriented manufacturer. Its compact management team and extensive use of software design tools such as “LoomData” enable the taking of rapid decisions. Furthermore, the flexible machine park and experienced personnel provide it with the advantages customers are looking for, such as high quality, good service, the ability to make swift modifications and to tailor its products to the customer’s needs.

Many years’ experience and skilled staff, combined with a certificated quality assurance system, enable Tele Textiles to supply quality products at the correct date and time of delivery. An extensive and highly reliable transport network ensures that quality control continues all the way to the arranged point of delivery and beyond.

Geotextiles for Soil Reinforcement and Erosion Control

Geotextiles consist of high-strength polyester yarns of extremely high-tensile strength and an advanced weave technology that has been applied by Tele Textiles AS since the beginning of the 1980’s.

TeleVev products are woven in strengths varying from 50 kN/m to 300 kN/m and can be used as reinforcing and stabilizing constructions, for example reinforcing and stabilizing of roads and railway fillings, and filling contructions for airfields, river reinforcing and similar applications. Further applications are more extensive constructions of reinforced soil.

FlexiTex products are a double-woven fabric based on high-strength polyester yarn. The most important applications for FlexiTex are: Mattresses for erosion control/stabilization of embankments and steep slopes, mattresses for constructing reservoirs, recasting of, and repairs to, piles, sacks and other woven bags for underwater concrete work etc.

TeleEnviro products are woven polyester geotextiles used mainly for sediments control in river, lakes, harbours, etc..

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