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The Geosynthetic Materials Association (GMA) represents all segments of the geosynthetics industry, including manufacturers, testing firms and service companies. GMA activities further the acceptance and use of geosynthetic materials in a variety of applications. Members of GMA are recognized as being superior contributors to the industry’s growth, as well as the industry’s current and future well being.

The Geosynthetic Materials Association serves as the central resource for information regarding geosynthetics and provides a forum for consistent and accurate information to increase the acceptance and to promote the correct use of geosynthetics.

GMA actively identifies, assesses, analyzes, and acts upon market growth opportunities and issues that affect its member companies. The activities of the Association are centered on five areas:

• Government Lobbying
• Business Development
• Education
• Geosynthetics Industry Promotion
• Industry Relations

GMA membership is offered on two levels:

EXECUTIVE COUNCIL: The Executive Council membership level is open to all companies that are suppliers of geosynthetic materials. Executive Council members serve as the GMA Board of Directors and direct all activity decisions of the association and are the main source of funding for the association.

GENERAL MEMBERSHIP: The General membership level is open to all members of the geosynthetics industry. General members serve on association committees and helpshape the direction of the association.

GMA task groups identify needs and develop action plans to improve awareness and acceptance of various geosynthetic products. The task groups can be based on markets, products, or target groups. As a GMA member, you may be involved in a leadership role. Present task groups include:

• Erosion Control
• Geogrid
• Geomembranes
• Liaison
• Mexico
• New Markets/Trends
• Public Works/Municipalities

Members of GMA are invited to participate in as many task groups as chosen.


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