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Since 1991

Cofra B.V. specializes in the use of geosynthetics for civil engineering and concentrates specifically on methods of soil improvement for the construction of infrastructural projects.
Furthermore Cofra B.V. offers the technique of liners and geocomposites for the isolation of existing and newly constructed landfills.

All products are certified according to leading European standards and guidelines

  • MebraDrain

    Vertical pre-fabricated drainage system for accelerated consolidation in civil constructions.

  • BeauDrain-(S)

    Vacuum draining system for accelerated consolidation and stable constructions.

  • AuGeo

    Piled embankment for rapid construction of infrastructure.

  • Liners

    PE liners used for waste disposal sites, sludge ponds and water reservoirs.

  • GeoLock

    Vertical plastic screens / cut-off walls used for civil and environmental engineering projects.

  • GeoFlex

    Vinyl sheet piling system applicable for soil-retaining and bank protection.

  • Cofra Dynamic Compaction (CDC)

    Fast and reliable technique for the compaction of sand and gravel.


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