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Since 1991


With its headquarters based in Viganó in Italy, TENAX is an International Group of Companies which operates in the field of thermoplastic polymer extrusion, producing a wide range of plastic nets and grids.

Due to a thorough understanding of all extrusion processes, TENAX has the flexibility and capability of adapting existing production systems to manufacture products to suit customers’ specific requirements.

During the last 30 years attention has been focused on the development of thermoplastic polymers for use in civil engineering structures incorporating geosynthetics that have very high technological characteristics, specifically designed for use in naturalistic engineering and geotechnical projects. These new products are now successfully providing solutions to many environmental problems which, if tackled with traditional methods, would have remained unsolved.

TENAX geosynthetic products are widely used in a large number of applications. Some examples of the use of geosynthetic products are in:
• Reinforcement for slopes and embankments;
• Base reinforcement of soft soils;
• Reinforced steep ‘green-faced’ slopes;
• Reinforced modular block wall systems;
• Landfill drainage for leachate and rainfall collection and gas venting, and
• Erosion control and re-vegetation of slopes to avoid surface erosion brought about by intense rainfalls.

TENAX Geosynthetic products are completely inert to chemical and biological attack and are easy to install. They can be classified as follows:
MONO-ORIENTED – geogrids for reinforcing steep slopes and walls
BI-ORIENTED – geogrids for base reinforcement e.g. Access Roads and Piling Platforms
GEONETS – geogrids extruded for drainage / protection
GEOCOMPOSITES – laminated geogrids providing filter/drainage/protection properties
GEOMATS – 3-Dimensional geosynthetics for erosion control
GEOCELLS – Honeycomb shaped product for soil confinement

Within the TENAX Group, the Geo-synthetics Division works exclusively with these products. Made up of a team of problem-solving Engineers, the Division provides specific answers to all types of technical and application requests. Operating either independently or in collaboration with designers, the Division provides the following range of services:
• Technical seminars, workshops and worldwide training;
• Designing to various country-wide standards using state of the art software;
• Preparation of tender specifications;
• Technical data sheets and reports;
• Installation guides;
• On site supervision when required.
• Laboratory testing in accordance with European and International standards;
• International certificate of Quality Control;

The product range offered by TENAX includes the following:
HDPE Monoriented geogrids with integral junctions, tensile strength ranges from 45-160 kN/m in longitudinal direction.

Polypropylene bioriented geogrids with integral junctions, tensile strength ranges from up to 40 kN/m in longitudinal direction and transversal direction.

TENAX NDP (cuspated geonets)
TENAX GNT (tri-planar geonets)
TENAX CE (bi-planar geonets)
HDPE geonets for drainage

TENAX TENDRAIN (Tri Planar Geocomposites)
TENAX TDP (Textile-Net-Textile)
HDPE and PP geonets thermally bonded to one or two non-woven geotextiles;

TENAX MDP (Membrane-Net-Textile)
TENAX MC (Membrane-cuspated)
HDPE geonets and a HDPE geomembrane, with or without a geotextile.

Polyethylene three dimensional geocells with integral junctions that allows the free drainage of water between adjacent cells. Thickness ranges from 75 -100 mm with cell diameters ranging from 200 – 300mm.

TENAX MULTIMAT (Polypropylene, black)
Polypropylene geomats, thickness up to 25 mm. Available in green or black.

TENAX MULTIMAT-R (Polypropylene geomat reinforced with a polyester geogrid.)
Reinforced polypropylene geomats, thickness 20 mm. Available in green or black.

TENAX MULTIMAT-R (Polypropylene geomat reinforced with a polyester geogrid.)
Polypropylene geomats with pre-seeded -felt, thickness 20 mm


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