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Hyma Plastic Hyma Plastic
Since 2020


Hyma Plastic was established in 1976 and is a leading manufacturer of various polyethylene film products located in Cairo, Egypt.  The polyethylene products are produced using numerous of European Blown Film machines and are offered to the Geosynthetic, Agriculture, and Packaging industries.

With over 40 years of experience, Hyma Plastic has acquired a considerable amount of knowledge in its field and has continued to innovate and expand, delivering optimal quality and excellent customer service.

One of Hyma Plastic’s core business is the manufacture of HDPE and LLDPE geomembrane liners which are supplied to various customers around the world. The liners meet and exceed the GRI standards and are produced to encounter all kinds of lining applications.  The liners are produced in various thicknesses ranging from 0.5mm to 3mm and roll widths from 2.9m up to 8m.  The geomembrane liners are offered in smooth and textured layers, in addition of having various color options to choose from.

Hyma Plastic are fully compliant with its certifications that include ISO 9001, ISO 14001, TRI, SGS, and CE.


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