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Watershed GeosyntheticsWatershed Geosynthetics
Since 2020


Watershed Geosynthetics (Watershed Geo) is an innovative environmental and civil technologies company specializing in engineered products that solve earth’s greatest challenges with solutions that reduce risks, require virtually no maintenance and stand the test of time.  Watershed Geo’s solutions far exceed the performance of traditional methods, with validation through the highest levels of testing.  Through best-in-class materials and extreme engineering, Watershed Geo’s goal is to unearth solutions that eliminate plaguing industry issues that reduce environmental and financial liabilities.  Watershed Geo’s environmental and civil technologies include but are not limited to:

·       ClosureTurf® for erosion elimination and reduced maintenance in municipal, industrial and coal combustion residual landfill/impoundment final closures

·       HydroTurf® advanced revetment technology for high hydraulic shear protection in storm water channels

·       VersaCap® for intermediate landfill erosion control, emission control and leachate reduction

·       PowerCap solar system for a rackless, direct surface attachment for both slopes and top decks


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