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Since 2019


ASQUAL (Association for Quality) is a non-profit association whose mission is to participate in the promotion of quality and certification of products and services under ASQUAL mark.

It thus aims to improve the quality of products, services or organizations of geosynthetics professionals engaging in an ASQUAL certification process, by continuously adapting the requirements of its certification standards to customer expectations and prescribers certified products and services, the technical and regulatory evolutions and changes.

The association defends fundamental values for its evaluation activities: impartiality, technical competence, confidentiality, trust and also the sharing of knowledge between the different stakeholders. These values form the foundation of its inspection ethics compliance. Its ISO 17065 accreditation by Cofrac confirms its expertise and impartiality in the delivery of its evaluation decisions.

ASQUAL ensures the development, communication and promotion of its brand ASQUAL. She participates directly or indirectly in the quality of promotion, as project leader, or by participating in working groups to carry out actions, investigations, studies and projects.

The ASQUAL became a partner in the conformity and quality assessment of geosynthetics professionals.


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