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Earthmate GeosyntheticsEarthmate Geosynthetics
Since 2017


Earthmate Geosynthetic has been established to provide dedicatedly the world class technical solutions in the geosynthetics applications from 2007. Earthmate Geosynthetic owns rich experiences and technical know-how in production of engineering textiles. Now we are producing a complete range of woven geotextiles, composited geo-drainage, geocomposites , geogrid and asphalt reinforcement fabrics based on High Modulus, High Strength Polymers. These geosynthetics are used widely in Reinforcement, Filtration, Drainage, Separation, Sealing, Protection and Erosion Control.

Earthmate Geosynthetics have been tested in TRI Environmental, BTTG, BICS, CTTG and FITI. The CE approvals were awarded by BTTG, U.K on Earthmate Geogrids, Geocomposites, Geocell and Asphalt Reinforcement Grids. Our aim is to be your reliable and serious partner in Geosynthetics field.

Earthmate Products introduction


HDPE Uni-axial Geogrids: Strength from 40kN/m to 170kN/m
PP Bi-axial Geogrids: Strength from 15kN/m to 50kN/m
High Tensile Polyester Geogrids: Strength from 30kN/m to 1200kN/m
Glass Geogrids: Strength from 50kN/m to 200kN/m

EMG Woven Geotextile

PP Silt Tapes Woven Geotextile: PWG200, PWG 250 and PWG 315
PP Filament Woven Geotextile: Strength from 30kN/m to 105kN/m

EMG Composited Geotextile/Grids

PES Geocomposites: Strength from 35kN/m to 250kN/m
Glass Geocomposites: Strength from 50kN/m to 200kN/m

EMG Asphalt Reinforcement Composited Grids with Bitumen Coating (CE 0338)

PES Composited Grids: Strength from 30kN/m to 200kN/m
Glass Composited Grids: Strength from 50kN/m to 200kN/m

EMG Composited Drainage consists of HDEP Geonet with continuous filament polyester nonwoven geotextile fabric heat bonded on one side or both sides of Geonet.

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