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G and E Company LimitedG and E Company Limited
Since 2017


G and E, founded in 1984, is a geosynthetics specialist who distributes a wide variety of geosynthetics from a list of renowned global manufacturers. The Company also manages a competent installation contracting service.  To better serve our clients, design and engineering service have also been established in our portfolio. We aspire to provide our client comprehensive engineering solutions, from technical application and design, the supply of materials and their installation, to the conformance testing and project commissioning.



G and E takes a strong vision on geosynthetics application and development by working closely with international consultants, academics, professional organizations, research institutions, testing laboratories and renowned manufacturers, a mission to broaden the versatility of geosynthetics and its innovation.




Our vast product range covers:


Geotextile, geomembrane, geodrain, geocomposite, geogrid, geocell, band drain, erosion control systems, geosynthetic clay liner, rockfall barrier, gabion, geofoam, silt curtain, concrete mattress and geotextile container, extending a very wide scope of application in most civil, geotechnical and marine engineering.



We offer our clients:


l  Extensive product knowledge and installation method statement


l  Comprehensive services, application, design, contracting and commissioning


l  Highly attentive and superior professional work


l  Superb quality products at competitive price



G and E is ISO9001:2008 quality management certified, and a VSRS registered subcontractor. G and E has a remarkably successful working relationship with a long list of clients, the Government, project owners, contractors, designers, consultant engineers, overseas distributors and trading partners. The clientele extends to Macau, Southeast Asia and Southern China.


Talk to us today and see how we can work together for cost-effective and time saving solutions. We are stepping into our 32nd year in the field and have valuable experience to share with you.





G and E is a distribution network and sourcing agent of geosynthetics, as well as a provider of professional design and installation services.


The company handles a comprehensive range of geosynthetic materials:



Geotextile:                PP, PET woven, non-woven, thermal bonded, needle punched, spun bond, special weave & composite



Geomembrane:         HDPE, LLDPE, PVC, keyed preformed, tunnel lining, concrete protection liner, gas barrier, basement waterproofing, leakage collection & effluent containment



Geodrain:                    Geonet, geocomposite, band drain, sheet drain & roof drain



Geogrid:                       HDPE, PET, PP for reinforced slope and wall, MSEW, stabilization geogrid, special composite



Erosion Control:   Erosion mat, concrete mat, coir mat, geocell, gabion, rockfall mesh, flexible rockfall fence



Marine                          Silt curtain, turbidity control, block mat, geotextile tube, trash


engineering:             boom, geotextile container



GCL:                                 Geosynthetic clay liner, bentonite liner and composite



HDPE Pipe:                     Sewer pipe, dual wall pipe, submarine outfall



TUNNELING:                 GFRP rebar for soft eye, tunnel support & invert drainage



Special Service:        Geomembrane leak location survey, HDPE pipe welding, HDPE lining repair


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G and E Company Limited
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