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Since 2017

DESARROLLOS POLYTECHNOL is a manufacturer of geotextile products and offers a wide variety of products and materials manufactured to provide solutions to all situations that may occur in the construction of infrastructure and building.

Our products have a wide variety of applications, whether it is to build transport infrastructure (motorways, roads, airfields, helipads, railways, service roads to power plants and gas pipelines, etc), wáter infrastructure (dams, levees, channels, etc), sports fields or leisure (football fields, horse-racing fields, etc), construction (soil stabilization, etc).

We have highly qualified professionals with extensive experience who are always available to provide its technical advice to the client and so to find the most innovative solutions ans efficient during the election of products and materials.

All our productos are made of polyester and they have excellent physical and mechanical characteristics, resistance to the impact of salt wáter, corrosive environments, ultraviolet radiation, as well as high temperature differences.

Geoobolochka “GeoFRAM” is a geotextile spatial assembly in the form of a simple rectangular container.

  • Construction of air fields, motorways, railways, temporary, technical or forest roads, roads laid along highways and local roads of enterprises.
  • Foundations of various platforms (helipads, production sites, storage bases, industrial, storage facilities, etc) as well as in mining operations áreas.
  • Reinforcement of natural and artificial Banks and slopes, ravines, curbs, approach embankments of bridges, retaining walls.
  • Arrangement of hydroengineering structures: embankments, retaining walls, dam roads, weirs, erosion-preventive structures, bank reinforcements, beaches and coastal áreas, alluvial áreas, etc.
  • In trenches in the process of laying of pipelines, heat lines, wáter conduits.



Geoobolochka “GeoFRAM” injectable are interconnected sections that are filled with concrete forming a unique structure that mimics the topography of the terrain.

  • Ensures reliable and lasting protection of constructed hydroengineering, hydrological, industrial, civil, military objects.
  • Prevents weakening of soils of the coastline due to erosion caused by the wáter flow, impact of coastal waves, exogenous processes.
  • Reinforcement of soils on Banks and slopes in order to prevent their displacement, which is posible in áreas with rugged topography.
  • Arrangement of piers.


Geoobolochka “GeoFRAM” PROSET is a flexible cellular assembly, consisting of interconnected stripes joined in a certain succession, and reinforcing stripes with mounting loops for fixing the assembly to bank surfaces, or subgrade bases.

  • Reinforcement of embankment slopes and ground ditches, slopes of ravines, as well as approaching embankments of bridges, retention and maintenance of soil bodies in places of subsurface water outlets, road pavement, etc.


Geocontainer “GeoBAG” is a geotextile structure with cubic or oval shape that is filled with aggregates. It presents a system of double tie that prevents the spillage of the material.

  • Restoration of waterworn sections of underwater trenches and swash zones at submerged pipeline crossings, construction of erosion-preventive structures on weak soils, swamps, flooded and impounded áreas, etc.
  • Construction of hydroengineering objects: dams, dam roads, weirs, piers, bridges of various types at sea, river or oceanic wáter áreas.
  • Wave protection of dune áreas, construction of artificial islands, breakwaters, jetties, dams, spurs, piers, beach áreas.
  • Reinforcement of slopes and Banks, restoration and reinforcement of coastlines, riparian zones and landscapes.
  • Restoration and reinforcement of beds and Banks of rivers, canals, ponds.
  • Protection of soils from wáter and wind erosion.
  • Construction of industrial and civil offshore structures.
  • Construction of soil-reinforced retaining walls when constructing roads and crane rails.
  • Prevention of exogenous processes.


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