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Since 2016


SOPREMA was created in 1908 as an independent family group. Today we are rolling out millions of square meters of waterproofing, insulating, roofing material and geosynthetics. As a result, SOPREMA claims a world-leading position in the design and manufacture of:

– building solutions: waterproofing roofing materials, sound and thermal insulation

– civil engineering solutions: waterproofing for bridges, undergrounds and hydraulics;  geosynthetics, products for roads….

SOPREMA has a global industrial presence with a workforce of over 8 000 individuals and a turnover of 2.75 billion Euros in 2018. With 67 production facilities, 22 training centres and 15 research and development laboratories which are heavily focused on sustainable development, we operate in more than 90 Countries around the World.

Close collaboration between a dedicated team of specialists, research and development laboratories, means that our product portfolio is innovative and perfectly in step with the demands of the market and current standards.

Since 1962 SOPREMA has strengthened its expertise in the field of synthetic waterproofing developing high performance membranes made of both PVC and TPO for waterproofing tunnels, underground structures, retention ponds, canals, etc.

SOPREMA has reinforced its offer with a new geotextile plant built in 2008 to produce polypropylene and polyester geotextiles.

Adding the cementitious geocomposite TILTEX, SOPREMA completes its range of geosynthetics solutions.

All Soprema geosynthetics are branded CivilRock®.


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