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Since 2016

soprema_corpdir-imgSOPREMA GROUP has been an independent family group since it was founded in 1908. Today, we install millions of square metres of waterproofing, roofing and insulation systems across the world. A world leading company in waterproofing solutions, always focused on sustainable development.

An independent group since its creation over 100 years ago, SOPREMA is firmly established as one of the world’s leading waterproofing companies, producing more than 150 million square metres of membranes a year.

SOPREMA has a global industrial presence with a workforce of over 6 250 individuals and a turnover of 2.13 billion Euros. With 44 production facilities, 19 training centres and 7 research and development laboratories which are heavily focused on sustainable development, we operate in more than 90 Countries around the World.

Close collaboration between a dedicated team of specialists and the research and development laboratories, means that our product portfolio is innovative and perfectly in step with the demands of the market and current standards.

Thanks to its acquisition in 2007 of FLAG SPA, an Italian company producing synthetic geomembranes, SOPREMA has strengthened its expertise in the field of synthetic waterproofing. SOPREMA develops high performance synthetic membrane made of both PVC and TPO for waterproofing tunnels,underground structures, retention ponds, canals, etc.

A leader in this market, SOPREMA has over 40 years experience and has accompanied its clients everywhere in the world, to lay over 100 million square metres of waterproofing synthetic membranes.

From 2014, SOPREMA develops a large range of non woven punched geotextiles in polyester and polypropylene which completes its waterproofing solutions.

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