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Western Environmental Liner was created in 2002 by Western Ag Enterprises Inc. in order to better provide geo-membrane liners for their growing customer base. Western Ag Enterprises Inc. was originally started in 1984 to produce hay tarps, shades & covers, along with several other diverse products. Western Ag Enterprises decided geo-membrane liners were also a good fit. Since Western Environmental Liner’s inception they have fabricated & manufactured geomembrane pond liners for a multitude of large & small containment applications.

Western Ag Enterprises & Western Environmental Liner now provide more than 300 million Square feet of fabric every year for their customers. To ensure customer demands are met, Western Environmental Liner has factories located in Tolleson AZ, Great Bend Kansas, & Romulus NY and also have distribution locations, storage facilities, & service crews, in Arizona, Idaho, California ,Washington, Texas, and New Mexico.

Western Environmental Liner offers a wide variety of fabrics & geo-membranes to ensure that the best available product is offered for each customer’s unique requirements. Most geomembrane pond liners provided by Western Environmental Liner can be made to the customer’s specific needed size, which allows for easier installation & better quality control. Each pond liner is packaged so that it can reach the customer’s destination in the most economical way.

Western Environmental Liner fabricates & manufactures with state of the art equipment such as high powered & precise Heat Welders, Radio Frequency (RF) Welders, D-line & Grommet Machines along with Sewing Machines to meet the various needs of their customers. We ensure that every liner or cover is inspected before it ships to one of our customers. We provide installation services as well if needed. Western Ag Enterprises & Western Environmental Liner employs over 200 service employees, enabling the ability to provide installation services for clients throughout the United States as well as the rest of the world.

Our goal is to always provide total customer satisfaction, providing customers with the best quality liner materials, prices, & services available.

Please contact Western Environmental Liner with your unique lining project needs.


Pond Liners Custom fabricated pond liners can prevent water & other liquids from seeping into the soil. Our custom liners are made from materials that are extremely durable, enabling a large or small area to be lined. Many of our pond liners can withstand extreme UV exposures and other extreme and adverse weather conditions. A large pond liner can most of the time be made in one single piece or if extremely large, panels can be seamed together and installed in the field.

Canal Liners We specialize in the fabrication of canal liners for all shapes & sizes of large and small canals. Western Environmental Liner has lined many miles of canals, keeping precious water contained. We fabricate canal linings with extremely durable fabrics that can withstand extreme UV exposures. Canal linings can be made in one factory, fabricated in one piece for small jobs or can be fabricated in large panels and installed by us for larger projects.


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