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Haoyang Environmental Co.,Ltd.Haoyang Environmental Co.,Ltd.
Since 2015

Shandong Haoyang has about 18 sets geosynthetics facilities, the main products including: nonwoven geomtextile(PET spunbond needle nonwovens, short fible needle nonwovens), woven geotextile, geomembrane, GCLs, composite drainage, geogrid etc. These products are used in infrastructure construction including water conservancy, transportation and environmental protection and well sold in the South-to-North Water Diversion Project, high-speed railway project, expressway project, industrial leak-proof engineering, leak-proof engineering of treatment of solid waste and other key engineering project at national and provincial levels. Shandong Haoyang New Engineering Materials Co., Ltd is motivated by the enterprise spirit of “being honest, faithful, innovative and devoted” and adheres to the operation philosophy of “co-creation and sharing” to eventually realize the historical mission to “make the earth cleaner and human healthier”.

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Haoyang Environmental Co.,Ltd.
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