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Owens CorningOwens Corning
Since 2015

RhinoMat is the most uniform reinforced polyethylene geomembrane in the industry that offers exceptional hydrostatic resistance for buried and unburied containment applications. For applications where liquid containment is critical, RhinoMat’s proprietary layered construction will give you maximum performance in all climates and environmental conditions. RhinoMat’s thick LLDPE outer skin is great for outstanding UV, ozone & oxidation resistance.

RhinoSkin is quickly becoming the popular choice for light-weight and heavy-duty liners and covers in applications including: oilfields, landfill and mining rain-covers, hay-tarps, spill containment, shallow ponds, pools, truck and rail car linings. It incorporates a high density polyethylene scrim coated two sides with a uniquely engineered LLDPE/LDPE blend.

InterWrap® is a vertically integrated, global manufacturer of innovative coated woven products and diverse multi-layer laminated reinforced plastic substrates. InterWrap serves a wide variety of markets such as synthetic roofing underlayments, protective packaging – lumber & metal wrap, geomembranes, converted fabrics, agricultural and construction products. Consistent product quality is achieved by using state-of-the-art plastic extrusion, weaving, coating, laminating, printing techniques and a strong commitment to partnership with our customers, employees and suppliers.

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