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Since 2015


PRESTO-RUS was established in 1998 and since then has become the leading Russian manufacturer of geosynthetics. The company specializes in production and supply of geocells and their components supporting different industries, such as civil construction, industrial engineering and others.

PRESTO-RUS is a unique company that differs from other producers in the industry by the fact that it carries out the whole range of activities associated with the use of geocells:
• Development of project documents and standard technical documents.
• Development of new designs and advanced technical solutions with the use of geocells.
• Expert review of estimate standards for construction with the use of geocells.
• Field supervision and engineering support of the constructed facilities.
• Erection supervision work with the use of geocells.
• Education, training and consulting of contractors and engineering organization.
• Delivery of geocells with the components to the worksite.
• Construction.
• Integrated application of geosynthetics.

PRESTO-RUS has 27 patents on the territory of the Russian Federation, 4 of which are jointly owned with OJSC Gazprom. The company has also a number of registered trademarks in the Russian Federation.

PRESTO-RUS employees are highly qualified and have experience in construction engineering, development engineering, design and installation of facilities with the use of geocells in different climate zones – from the Far North to the South of the Russian Federation. They have also undergone training in the United States, Israel, France, Bulgaria and Hungary, where they have obtained global experience of geocells implementation.

Areas of engagement:
• West Siberia.
• Central Russia.
• Southern Russia.
• Russian Far East.


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