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Since 2014

SIBUR GEOSINT LLC, being a member of SIBUR Holding Company, is huge Russian manufacturer and supplier of a range of high-quality geosynthetic materials. Our company offers geoproducts and a complex of technical solutions in transport infrastructure, temporary roads, industrial civic objects, gas and oil pipelines construction.

SIBUR GEOSINT briefcase includes the following self-produced geosynthetic materials:APROLAT® extruded biaxial and monoaxial geogrids, GEOTEX and CANVALAN®nonwoven geotextile, GEODRENAGE SG drain composite, CANVALAN STAB woven geotextile.

Our production plants are up-to-date manufacturing sites producing materials with a variety of applications — from Spunbond technology nonwoven geotextile materials and biaxial oriented extrusion geogrids. The whole range of geosynthetic materials are produced on contemporary equipment using only self-produced primary polypropylene as a source. This allows generation of longlife high-quality materials corresponding to international quality standards. Main production sites are placed in Surgut city, Kemerovo city and Uzlovaya city in Tula region, so that the location of current production sites and warehouses is optimal and allows to cover all territory of Russia.

SIBUR GEOSINT LLC has its own technical support service whose experts-engineers are always ready to help making needed calculations or propose optimal constructional solution for better application of geosynthetic materials in projects, allowing to get labor and other resources economy within material laying.

Technical solutions with SIBUR polymer materials application made a good showing on a number of construction objects:
• Baltic atomic powerplant
• Dnepropetrovsk hydropower plant
• Boguchansky aluminum plant
• Solid waste polygon in Sovetsky city of Hanti-Mansisky area
• Ust-Uluga port
• Construction and reconstruction of federal roads: M1 (Belatus), M4 (Minsk-Mogilev), P255 (Siberia)
• Construction untits for companies: JSC NK Rosneft, JSC NK Russneft, JSC AK
• Transneft, JSC Surgutneftegaz.


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Russian Federation

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