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Leister Group
We are local. Worldwide.

With our global market presence of 130 Leister sales and service centers and sales partners in 100 countries we can guarantee that all products and services are available locally at all times. Leister technologies and competencies – as well as the expertise of our local sales partners – are at the disposal of our customers in all countries every day.

All sales and service centers operate according to Leister standards and are audited to Leister guidelines. We regularly carry out trainings with our sales partners’ employees so that we can offer the best possible advice and services through up-to-date product knowledge and understanding of applications to our customers.

Leister Plastic Welding – The only choice for professionals
For decades now, Leister has been the worldwide market leader. The performance and reliability of our products make Leister your first choice. Our tools are used in GEO-civil engineering, tunneling, landfills– roofing, billboards, tarpaulins, plastic fabrication, flooring and shrinking, just to name a few.
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GEO – Civil engineering applications
Safe and ergonomic welding of plastic membranes with Leister
In civil engineering, tunneling, and disposal applications, the quality of the sealing system is the top priority. Any leaks can have fatal consequences. Therefore, it is incredibly important that the processing quality fulfills extremely stringent requirements. Leister tools not only facilitate incredibly precise welding quality, they also stand out from the crowd thanks to their reliability. You can count on Leister quality, no matter where in the world you are.
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For welding geomembranes, Leister Wedge and Hot Air Welders are known worldwide for their high quality and their innovative technology. They are used in an extensive range of applications in the fields of civil engineering. Our local distributers and dealers help you grow your business.



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