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Since 2013


Since 1961, when the company was founded by Clifford Gundle, Aquatan has consistently supplied the industry with in excess of 35 million m² of expertly installed Geomembranes that comply with the most stringent international specifications.

Having professionally serviced a widespread customer base including the mining, municipal, industrial, waste, agricultural, aqua-culture, building and public services sectors of the market, we can confidently provide our clients with reliable and economical solutions to most lining requirements by drawing on this vast history of practical experience.

Supported by our professional, highly skilled and thoroughly trained staff complement, we promise flexibility and are capable of managing projects of varying complexity – from complicated, Geosynthethic engineering projects to less complicated, cost-effective projects.

Recognizing that quality is the fundamental criteria of successful Geosynthethic projects, Aquatan has recently converted to the new ISO 9001:2000 standards and strictly complies with its listing requirements.

Simultaneously, we adhere to the revised national quality standards SANS 1526:2003 (Thermoplastics sheeting for use as a Geomembrane) and installation guidelines SANS10409:2004 (Design, selection and installation of Geomembranes).

Our sphere of operation is not only restricted to South Africa. We have successfully completed major Geomembrane projects in many other countries including countries on the African Continent and Indian Ocean Islands.

Driven by its commitment to provide state-of–the-art materials, systems and service which meet the most challenging requirements of our clients, it is Aquatan’s intention to remain at the forefront of Geosynthetic Technology so maintaining the reputation of being Innovators and Pacesetters in Geomembranes.


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