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RENOLIT Iberica S.A.RENOLIT Iberica S.A.
Since 2013


The RENOLIT Group is one of the leading international manufacturers of high-quality plastic films and associated products for technical applications. This independent family-owned business, which has been setting benchmarks for quality and innovation for over 65 years, now employs a workforce of approximately 4,500 employees at 21 production sites and 17 sales entities. The RENOLIT brand enjoys a worldwide reputation for technical expertise, modern product design and customer-orientated service.

RENOLIT ALKORGEO is dedicated to offer solutions for the waterproofing of all kinds of civil engineering works. The Civil Engineering business unit leverages all the skills, know-how and technologies used within the group for the various applications. Our geomembranes and systems present the safest and most adapted solution for the water tightening of hydraulic works, underground works and for environmental protection purposes.

RENOLIT ALKORGEO offers solutions in Water Management systems, which allow the Collection, Storage, Treatment, Transport of water for different purposes. RENOLIT ALKORGEO has developed a special sealing and water protection technology. Vast basins such as the craters of inactive volcanoes are sealed by means of a particularly resistant geomembrane. The water collected in such basins can be used as drinking water or for agricultural purposes and/or for generating hydropower. RENOLIT ALKORGEO has been building water collecting basins on almost every continent for around 30 years now. Depending on the required water quality, the geomembranes are available in various qualities offering different levels of UV resistance, for sealing or, in some instances, for covering the collecting basins in order to protect the water from contamination from outside or also to protect the surrounding area from odours or fumes, for example. These impressive projects have been carried out at various locations, from the Canary Islands through Morocco to China. Due to the know how in hydraulic projects, RENOLIT ALKORGEO is able to specify and supply the most efficient systems and products, adapted to the project. The scope of our offers is flexible on a case to case basis in terms of specification and supply of accessories and complementary products.

The wide range of products developed by RENOLIT ALKORGEO offers countless uses: industrial lagoons for holding water or industrial residues of all kinds (liquids or sludge, toxic or innocuous), pools or lakes intended for leisure activities, drinking water tanks, canals, dams. As waterproofing membrane manufacturers, we possess the technical expertise, and we seek to engage in dialogue with the designers, which are able to contribute to the Water Management, together with a due sense of social responsibility and a commitment to sustainable building practice. And with regard to structures built into the ground, RENOLIT ALKORGEO has every possible solution to best fulfil the strictest international requirements (EN, DS, DIN, HEFT, RVS, SIA, CETE, etc.) in terms of waterproof protection of civil engineering works, tunnels and foundations.

RENOLIT ALKORGEO solutions include, on a case to case basis, the following products and services:
The waterproofing membrane, Drainage system, Protection system, Repair system, Fixation system with quality control procedure.


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