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Since 2013


SIPLAST is a member of the ICOPAL Group – World reference in waterproofing technology for roofing and civil works. SIPLAST has been a forerunner in the waterproofing sector for more than 50 years, designing, manufacturing and marketing waterproofing technology for civil engineering applications such as hydraulic works (pounds, canal lining, waste water management), landfills (waste containment, tailing and leachate containment), road bridges, railways bridges, underground structures, drainage. In 1975, SIPLAST developed the Elastomeric Bitumen Geomembrane called TERANAP TP. Since then, millions of m² of TERANAP TP have been installed worldwide and the range has evolved to always adapt and respond to new technical and environmental constraints. TERANAP TP range covers various grades of large width bituminous geomembranes with thicknesses from 3mm to 5.6mm.

SIPLAST bituminous geomembranes are manufactured with:
• SBS elastomeric bitumen blend
• Reinforcement: non-woven polyester reinforcement for mechanical properties.
• Polyester film on the under surface (roots resistance)
• Sand or laminated geotextile (TERANAP GTX) on the surface.

Field of uses:
• Hydraulic works (canal lining, pounds, Waste water management)
• Mining wastes and landfills
• Industrial reservoirs
• Transportation infrastructures
• Construction

Proven properties under all climates:
• High mechanical performances: tensile strength, puncturing resistance (static and dynamic), elongation,
• Ageing resistance for exposed applications.
• Flexibility and adaptability: adapt to any kind of support design and differential settlements thanks to SBS modified bitumen elasticity properties. No thermal expansion.
• High resistance to hydrostatic pressure.
• Potability certification.
• Excellent chemical resistance (acids and bases, domestic refuse leachates)

SIPLAST offers a complete range of geosynthetics including solutions for drainage, puncturing protection and revegetation.


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