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Since 2015

Vigor Merger Co., Ltd. (1998) is a specialized engineering-oriented company supplying engineered products to construction and industrial businesses. Mechanical applications cover a wide range of mechanical connectors and flow control products for pipelines in sanitary systems, fire protection systems, industrial process’s, waterworks, wastewater systems etc. Civil engineering applications are emphasized with all kinds of geo-synthetic products for environmental protection, such as landfill construction, reservoirs, road stabilization, soil improvement etc. Specialty products are also available to cove with customers or project requirements.

Geosynthetic Division
Geosynthetics are used in all fields of civil engineering to increase the safety and life span of structures in addition to providing missing functions. Fields of geosynthetic application include: separation, drainage, filltration, reinforcement, protection, sealing as well as erosion control. Geosynthetics can either replace or augment conventional construction methods. Compared to mineral construction materials, the use of geosynthetics has continually increased over the past few decades. Hence they have been included into several guide-lines as state-of-the-art. Their efficient installation results in rapid and economical construction and preserves our precious natural resources. Project-specific geosynthetic designs also ensure long-term performance of the structure.

Mechanical Division
Our Division is driven under the strong belief that “Specialized and Professional Skill is The Key to Customers’ Satisfaction”. With this belief, we have continuously kept abreast of new knowledge and technologies of pipe flexible/expansion products with and aim of becoming the best in the field; and, this reflects our commitment in providing our customers with uncompromising and reliable quality in our services and products.

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