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The Technical Committee on Soil Reinforcement (TC-R) is dedicated to the scientific and engineering development of geosynthetics systems and associated technologies. This committee promotes the dissemination of knowledge, technology, research findings, design and construction methodologies related to reinforcement applications of geosynthetics, such as erosion, slope failure and poor bearing capacity in geotechnical and geoenvironmental engineering.

The objective of the TC-R is to focus on the discussion of current and future soil reinforcement techniques on both research and practice. The committee works on increasing membership by finding younger researchers and engineers, not only from current IGS members, but also people from other geotechnical fields who are interested in soil reinforcement.


The TC-R is Dedicated to Working on the Following Tasks:

  • Conducting research work with the goal of providing a better understanding of the interaction of soil and geosynthetics.
  • Making suggestions to improve the safety and cost-effectiveness of reinforced constructions.
  • Reporting on the state of regulations for geosynthetic-reinforced slopes and retaining structures.
  • Digitization of previous proceedings with the purpose of creating pdf files of all papers presented at IGS conferences and making them available on the IGS website.
  • Getting involved at IGS conferences to exchange current information on soil reinforcement activities worldwide and to discuss the current TC-Reinforcement activities.


Recent Meetings of the TC-R


Future TC-R Activities

  • More coming soon!

Pietro Rimoldi
Consultant, Milano, Italy

Dr. Yoshihisa Miyata

Ivan Puig Damians
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya – BarcelonaTech (UPC, School of Civil Engineering)

IGS members wishing to participate in TC-R activities are invited to write to the Secretary Ivan Puig Damians: For additional information about the IGS Technical Committees, contact the IGS Secretariat:

Download Membership List (PDF)

TC-R special session at 2nd International Conference on Transportation Geotechnics


TC-R meeting at EuroGeo5