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Pan-American Regional Activities Committee (Pan-American-RAC)


The mission of the Pan-American RAC is to promote the appropriate use of geosynthetics in engineering practice, disseminate knowledge about geosynthetics, promote technological advances involving geosynthetics, and provide a forum for geosynthetic professionals throughout North, Central, and South America.

The Pan-American RAC is currently pursuing the following tasks:

  • Promote the activities and presence of the IGS in North, Central, and South America
  • Develop strategies to increase individual and corporate IGS memberships
  • Encourage and assist in the formation of new IGS Chapters
  • Work in conjunction with IGS Chapters and other societies in the region to transfer knowledge on geosynthetics through educational, technical and promotional activities
  • Assist in the organization of the Pan-American Conference on Geosynthetics (GeoAmericas)
  • Facilitate the interaction between IGS Chapters, the IGS Council and IGS Committees
  • Identify general needs related to geosynthetics in the region and to recommend to the IGS Council actions to satisfy those needs
  • Promote IGS activities and related technical and educational events in the Pan-American region that will benefit the geosynthetics discipline

Dr. Timothy D. Stark

Dr. Timothy D. Stark