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European Regional Activities Committee (European-RAC)


The mission statement of the European Regional Activities Committee is to promote the appropriate use of geosynthetics in engineering practice through the dissemination of knowledge about geosynthetics. The committee also supports and helps coordinate all activities conducted by Chapters in European countries.

Charge of the European-RAC:

  • To recommend a Chapter to organise the EuroGeo regional conference held every four years.
  • To support the organising committee of the EuroGeo conference, including dissemination of information to European Chapters and members, requesting participation in the technical review of papers, and encouraging participation in the conference (e.g., papers, exhibitors, and delegates).
  • To provide support to groups of members who wish to form Chapters in new countries, including advice on organisation models and types of activities.
  • To encourage the formation of new European Chapters where opportunity exists.
  • To provide a forum for the collection and dissemination of information and news relating to both European and global IGS activities and policies, achieved through email communication and meetings of representatives from each European Chapter, with an expectation that at least one meeting/communication exchange will take place each year.
  • To support new Europe-wide initiatives, such as membership drives, technical developments (e.g., codes) and communication with sister organisations (e.g., representing geotechnical and water industries).
  • To assist and coordinate translation of technical documents and other relevant information into the national languages of as many EAC members as possible.
  • Active participation in related European conferences (e.g., geotechnical, highways, landfill) including the promotion of the IGS at these events.
  • Engage in active communication and collaboration with national and European standardization committees to monitor activity and to help establish correct and comprehensive geosynthetics standards.
Current projects and activities the European-RAC is working on include:

More information coming soon.

Meetings of the European-RAC

  • February 16, 2021 at 7am GMT
  • February 18, 2021 at 4pm GMT

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Helmut Zanzinger

Laura Carbone