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Corporate Committee

The Corporate Committee is dedicated to recruiting new corporate members and serving current IGS corporate members. The committee is constantly looking at new ways to structure corporate membership to best align with geosynthetics industry corporations and their goals.

  1. Mission Statement
    • The mission statement of the IGS corporate committee is to aid in the development and delivery of benefits to the IGS Corporate Members.
  2. Objectives
    • To make sure the IGS Corporate Membership continues to grow through active recruiting of new corporate members during regular business and at IGS events.
  3. Committee Composition
    • The Committee shall consist of a Chairman, Secretary, and committee members.
  4. Meetings and Minutes
    • The Committee shall hold regular or special meetings as its members deem necessary or appropriate. Minutes of each meeting of the Committee are prepared and distributed to each member of the Committee in a timely manner after each meeting. The Chairman of the Committee reports to the Board from time to time or when so requested by the Board.
  5. Duties and Responsibilities of the Committee
    • To make sure all IGS Corporate Members are aware of their benefits
    • To maintain practices and procedures to deliver the Corporate Member Benefits
    • To develop new benefits and augment existing benefits to the Corporate Membership as needs and/or opportunities develop
    • To grow the Corporate membership
The Corporate Committee is currently pursuing the following tasks:

  • Finalizing a new benefit structure for Corporate Members.
  • Planning to work with the IGS Technical Committee on Barriers to hold a TC-B seminar whenever new chapters are formed with the goal of attracting new Corporate Members.


Upcoming Events of the Corporate Committee:

  • The next committee meeting will be held during the GeoAfrica 2017, October 2017 in Marrakech, Morocco.
  • An IGS Corporate Reception will be held, Sunday, 08 October 2017, immediately following the opening of the GeoAfrica 2017 exhibition. Details will be furnished closer to the event.
Kent von Maubeuge

Robert Lozano 

Download Membership List (PDF)