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Mission Statement of the African Regional Activities Committee

The African Regional Activities Committee (African-RAC) promotes the dissemination of geosynthetics information and the appropriate use of geosynthetics throughout Africa. This goal is accomplished through the support of existing IGS Chapters and the establishment of new Chapters.

The major tasks of the African-RAC are:

  • To be the gateway between the IGS and the existing African IGS Chapters and geosynthetics interest groups
  • To facilitate and assist in the formation of IGS Chapters through international relationships with other countries via the IGS Ambassadors Programme and FedIGS
  • To support the organising committee of the GeoAfrica conference, including dissemination of information to European Chapters and members, requesting participation in technical review of papers, and encouraging participation in the conference (e.g., papers, exhibitors, delegates)
  • To provide support to existing African IGS Chapters through the IGS Ambassadors Programme, participate in educational events, and support the relationship between Chapters and the IGS Secretariat
  • To promote the appropriate use of geosynthetics both in civil and mining applications in the various African territories
  • To continue the growth of the IGS in Africa by reaching out to members and businesses involved in the geosynthetics industry
The committee is currently pursuing the following tasks:

  • Supporting the development of new IGS chapters in Africa, including Egypt and Tunisia
  • Planning for GeoAfrica 2017, the 3rd African Regional Conference on Geosynthetics. This conference is being held 9 – 13 October 2017 in Marrakech, Morocco. GeoAfrica 2017 is organised by the IGS, IGS Moroccan Chapter, and the African-RAC.

Recent Meetings of the Committee:

  • The African-RAC met during the IGS Council meetings in Seoul, South Korea in 2015.

Future Meetings of the Committee:

  • The next meeting of the African-RAC will take place 9 April 2016 in Miami, Florida, USA during GeoAmericas 2016.

African Committee Lead:
Edoardo Zannoni, Maccaferri S.A. (Pty) Ltd.


African-RAC Committee Chair Edoardo Zannoni