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Geotextile Burst Strength Extreme Performance

  This video, courtesy of Karl Bester, is the demolition of a 14 story building in the inner city of Pretoria. The site has a higher education building on one

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Geokunststoffe für eine nachhaltige Bauweisen

  Geosynthetics have the ability to contribute to sustainable development in a broad variety of civil and environmental applications. In this video the International Geosynthetics Society provides some insight as

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Geossintéticos para o Desenvolvimento Sustentável

  O novo vídeo produzido pela Comissão da Sociedade de Educação Internacional de Geossintéticos, faz a pergunta: “O que define a qualidade de vida”. É uma questão está sendo respondida

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Dr. Robert Koerner presents results from a long-term geosynthetic aging and performance study

  In April 2016 Dr. Robert Koerner of the Geosynthetic Institute (GSI) presented results from a long-term geosynthetic aging and performance study. The lecture, “Lifetime Predictions of Exposed Geotextiles and

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Geosynthetics for Sustainable Development

  New IGS-created video shows how the industry is at the crux of the sustainability conversation Geosynthetics for Sustainable Development, the new video produced by the International Geosynthetics Society Education