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Call for Candidates for IGS Council: Term 2012 to 2016

FaviconThe IGS, in accordance with its bylaws, will hold mid-term elections in 2012. IGS Members will have the opportunity to elect eight Council Members. Each of the elected members will serve a four-year term, effective 1 October 2012.

The IGS encourages any IGS Member who is interested in furthering the IGS Mission and can attend all IGS Council meetings to consider standing for one of the Council positions. In a typical year, the IGS Council meets once for a two-day period preceding a geosynthetics event. It is the responsibility of the IGS Council member to travel to these meetings and participate in the plenary and committee meetings. The IGS council attempts to host the meetings in equal distribution around the world and based on the most suitable location in any given year.

The IGS Council Members whose term of office expires in 2012 are:

  • D.T. Bergado (Thailand)
  • A. Bouazza (Australia)
  • P. Fantini (Italy)
  • H.Y. Jeon (Korea)
  • J. Kuwano (Japan)
  • M. Sadlier (Australia)
  • M. Ziegler (Germany)
  • V. Pimentel (Brazil)

The IGS bylaws stipulate that a Council Member may only be elected to two consecutive terms; hence, A. Bouaz- za, P. Fantini, and M. Sadlier are not eligible for re-election. Each of the other incumbents may stand for re- election.

Nomination & Election Schedule
Under the bylaws of the IGS, only IGS Members are eligible for election to the Council. Candidates must be able to travel to and attend the IGS Council meetings, which are held once per year. Meetings of the IGS Council are gen- erally held in conjunction with international and regional conferences.

  • Call for Nominees: Now – 30 April 2012
    A signed letter of application together with a biographical note (not exceeding 12 lines) and a photograph should reach the IGS Secretary no later than 30 April 2012. Biographical notes and photos will be published in the IGS News, Issue #2, 2012 (June 2012) and on the IGS website.
  • Announcement of Nominees: June 2012
    The IGS will announce the eligible candidates in the 2nd Issue of the IGS News(June 2012) as well as on the IGS website. All IGS Members will be encouraged to review the candidates’ biographies in preparation for the voting period.
  • Voting: 1 August – 30 September 2012
    Voting instructions will be sent to each eligible Individual IGS Member and each designated representative from the IGS Corporate Membership. Each member may vote once.
  • Announcement of Successful Candidates: 1 October 2012
    IGS Members will be made aware of the successful candidates via email and website on 1 October 2012.
  • First Meeting of the New IGS Council: December 2012 – Bangkok
    The first meeting for each of the successful candidates will be held in Bangkok, Thailand immediately preceding the GeoAsia 2012 conference.

If you have any questions or would like any further information on the election process or the responsibilities in- volved with becoming an IGS Council Member, please contact the IGS Secretary, Elizabeth Peggs (, SKYPE: elizabeth.peggs, TEL +1.561.768.9487.

Reported by
Elizabeth Peggs, IGS Secretary